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Keep your family safe from all insects and pest

All reviews are from Google Reviews, Yelp, and Angies List

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Google review January 12th, 2018

This was my first time dealing with these little pest and I did not want to be ripped off. This company is very affordable and cleared them away discreetly with 2 treatments. The technician Robert was very knowledgeable and kind. He informed me on how bed bugs behave, how the treatments affected them and how the company gives a 6 month warranty covering in case they came back. Amazing service and definitely recommend. Adam S.

- Google review 7/12/2016 5 star

Well, let me just say they do in fact show up without and labeling which was very important to us. They were able to fit us in very promptly, both techs did an amazing job, we haven't seen a bed bug since and it was guaranteed for 6 months. Couldn't have asked for more.

Sam S.

Google review 9/8/2016 5 star

Randy and his team are literally life savers. They helped me when I was terrified for my children's safety, and have come back twice since when I was convinced we had a reoccurrence just to check things out and explain to me why I was wrong (i.e. that's not a bed bug you caught it's a rollie pollie lol!), once even respraying a room just to put my mind at ease. They will not let you down.

Lauren F.

Google review 6/10/2016 5 star

This is a company that you can believe in and depend on for good service! Two treatments and the bed bug problem was resolved and remains resolved 9 months later to my extreme satisfaction. Courteous, dependable and very affordable!

Chaz S.

Better Business bureau Highly Recomended review.

Clic A red pickup truck pulled up to my house last week at the time of our scheduled appointment to have bed bugs removed from our home. I had no idea it was the exterminator since he was in a regular truck, but this made me happy since "discreet" is part of their name. The man who came in our home was very friendly and very knowledgeable on bed bugs and treatment of bed bugs. He made us feel better about our little pest problem amd explained it can happen to anyone. He explained in great detail what he planned to do in our home and told us how each product and method was supposed to work. We were told they would need to treat a second time exactly a week later to insure the bugs were dead which is standard for most treatments. We left for about four hours while he treated our home and we allowed the home time to dry. Once we were able to look at the work we were very satisfied. I have not seen any live bugs and havent had any bites since the man treated our home and this is only the first treatment. I am very pleased with their customer service and the work they do is very satisfying. Thank you for your kindness and yoir great work, I can sleep better at night now knowing the bugs are gone!

This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

This customer WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.

by Amanda W. on 10/18/2015

  • Sara S.
  • Columbus, OH
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I was in complete freak out mode when I found this company. As a single mother of two, I didn't have thousands of dollars to treat this horrible problem! I felt helpless and totally defeated. I got a hold of Randy at 9am, and he was at my house by 11am the same day. He was completely professional, helpful, and knowledgable. He treated the problem, pointed everything out to me (as soon as he could convince me to walk into a room I hadn't stepped foot in for over a week), and reassured me that everything would be okay.

He followed through with all of his promises and did exactly as he said he would. This is an epidemic that can spiral out of control very easily. There is no better company in Columbus to take care of the problem!

Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service Excellent

Very good company.They did exactly what they said. They were on time. I would recommend

Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service Excellent

I Discovered that I had bed bugs 2 weekends ago. I called around and was told that it would be anywhere from 600-3,000 dollars to treat. I couldnt afford that so I kept looking . I ran across Discreet Bed Bug Removal , and Pest Control. website online. I gave them a call at 2pm on a Sunday. They came That same SUNDAY, at about 4pm, and got to work. They helped me bag up all of my loose clothing, and explained everything that was going to be happening while they were at my house. They did a total of 2 bed bug applications about 7 days apart. I have yet to see another bed bug since. It was really nice that they took time out to explain everything to me. I would recommend to anybody that has bed bugs to call them. And by the way it cost less than 400 dollars total. That was for everything. Thanks Discreet bed bug removal, I can actually get some sleep in my bed again!!!!!!

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